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A girl child; Revered in the entire South India and many parts of North India. The child stands as the sole successor of "Panchopa laksha mkudi" (5 lakh Gokulam families). The child also stands as the sole successor of the clan of the ten members constituting the "Anjukindrakudi" (Azhwars). The child whose simple words stayed entrenched in the hearts of all the Acharyas and made entry into every discourse and writing of theirs. The child who has also secured a whole month exclusively for the celebration of her outpourings.

Srimaan Trust offers a unique experience to devotees - an opportunity to know and act as it has been known. From this year, Srimaan Trust is organizing Thiruppavai discourse. The aim is to spread the greatness of thiruppavai across our country. As a beginning, Thiruppavai is being organized at Chennai.Hand in hand with the discourse, our Trust intends to honour the venerable devotees of the Lord who have been serving Him selflessly for many years (by Manas, Vaak and Kaayam) one each on all the thirty days of the Margazhi Month. This programme is called "Thondin Aradhanai" or "Worship of Service"


Upanyasakar : Sri U.Ve. Elayavilli Sriram Swami

Venue : Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Koil, Mettupalayam Road, West Mambalam (close to Aadikeshava Perumal Koil on Kodambakkam High Road)

Date : 15/Dec/2012 to 14/Jan/2013
Time : 7:00 pm to 8:30pm


Veda adyapakar honored on 16-Dec-12

Even a small accident (a bruise) makes us feel mentally handicapped for a long period. But here is a person who had lost his vision before three decades but has never skipped taking the regular Veda session for his students. Sri Sathyamoorthi Swami living at Thiruvallikeni is one who is an epitome of determination and perseverance. The Upanishads flow from his tongue like an uninterrupted waterfall. Though he cannot see through mortal eyes, he can identify the exact number of students present for the Veda class and can point out the exact mistakes committed by each of them in pronunciation or swaras. Despite impediments, the thought of kainkaryam has made all the obstacles miniscule in his perception. His students fill the temple of Lord Parthasarathy and Bhagavath Ramanujacharya with Veda gosham at the time of Thirumanjanam. Swami has not stopped with teaching people. He has created the wisdom to use that knowledge at the appropriate time for the purpose of Kainkaryam. He is a symbol of success to mankind.


Various Activities honored on 17-Dec-12

Shri Lakshmana said the above and accordingly performed all Kainkaryam to SriRamapiran. Today we see SriMohan Bhattar Swami do all sorts of Kainkaryam to the beautiful Kodanta Ramar of West Mambalam. From playing hide and seek at the temple while as a child, he has made the temple the very handiwork of the talents bestowed upon him by Sri Ramapiran. He is donning several roles at the temple now from performing utsavams as per aagamas, keeping the temple spick and span, keeping the temple-tank clean in addition to adding some beautiful swans, starting brahmotsavam which had stopped, performing all azhwar acharya thirunakshtrams, preparing all types of prasadams for SriRamapiran (needless to comment on its taste). In addition to all this, He has immense knowledge of web-site development and has created a web-page for the temple wherein all temple-details are updated regularly. Any more feathers to his kainkarya hat? The hat is already full!


Teaching stotras, sampradaya dramas and dance honored on 18-Dec-12

Women are inherently multi-taskers, unlike their counterpart. But most of the multi tasking gets used up for the family affairs alone. Only some have the ability to add 'Kainkaryam' to the kitty of everyday work. One such divine soul is Smt. Vedavalli. The past twenty years has seen her produce children extremely proficient in stotra paadam, divya prabandham, sampradaya dramas, sampradaya dance. She has taught Paaduka sahasram to children of the tender age of 3 !

When asked how she could manage family and sampradaya kainkaryam, she smiled and said "Only when you see sampradayam work as a separate task will you face a dilemma. When it becomes a part of your life, how can you not have time for it? Brush daily; sleep daily; teach daily."

Clarity of purpose seems to drive excellence in her.


Thirumadapalli person honored on 19-Dec-12

In an age where an offer of an extra penny makes us forgo an organization that has been feeding us for long long years, here is a person who has been doing Thirumadapalli kainkaryam (Kitchen of Lord) for the past 35 years. His dexterous hands and the aromatic preparations made many a faces seek him for employment. Despite such alluring offers pouring on him, Shri Raghu Swami was determined never to give up the kainkaryam of Sri Satyanarayana Perumal, West Mambalam. Though the compensation here wasn't excellent, he knew he was a billionaire in the Permanent Abode of Lord Srimannarayana. He has been feeding the provider of food all these years.


Divya Prabhandha Adhyapakar honored on 20-Dec-12

Twenty year children complain of forgetfulness, inability to grasp things, inability to remember names and difficulty in bye- hearting texts. Shri Chozhavaram Desikan Swami started learning divya-prabandham at the age of 40. Today his students are teaching divya-prabandhan at various places. A few minutes of talk with this Swami will drive away negativity from the mind. It is his positive thinking and never say give up attitude that has made him rise against the perception that memory fades with age. In the kingdom of Srimannarayana, the general rules are only exceptions!


Veda Adhyapakar honored on 21-Dec-12

We pay fees at school. The school never paid us anything. How absurd would it be for a teacher to pay his students for teaching? That is how the loukeeka thought it. But when it comes to sampradayam, the teacher may pay the student. The teacher may fall at the feet of student. Sri Nampillai taught a student after prostrating before them. There is no tussle of egos in kainkaryam. The teacher does kainkaryam by teaching and the student by learning. The teacher sees the student as his own mate at school. Sri Kuruchi Lakshminarasimhan Swami is a teacher who travels long distances for enlightening students on Vedas. His student count is 400 now. At the age of 63, his daily schedule is jam packed with Krishna Yajur Veda classes for others. And not a penny does he collect either for his teaching or for his travel expenses. That is what selfless kainkaryam is!


Thadeerayadhana Kainkaryaparar honored on 22-Dec-12

40 years back, a timid woman witnessed pilgrims and their little children go to sleep empty stomach. The instance triggered her wish to feed all pilgrims who visit divya-desams during utsavams. She started with one divya-desam. Neither was she born affluent nor were her in-laws so. But she had taken up Bhaagavatha kainkaryam and knew Lord would send her aid. With the deepest conviction, she knocked at unknown doors and made fervent requests. Slowly, at the pace of snail, funds started flowing in. Some gave money and some provisions. And she achieved her dream of feeding the pilgrims during the utsavam at Thirunindravur. The success of one endeavor gave her the spur to continue and add more divya-desams to her dream scheme. And now, pilgrims to 6 divya-desams are under her care during utsavams. Smt Seethalakshmi is 82 now. That is mere number to her. Today, she knocks at unknown doors with the same level of sathvik desperation and vigour that possessed her 40 years ago.


Temple Care Taker honored on 23-Dec-12

Born as Saravanan into a family that had no nexus to spirituality and landing at the sannidhi of Sri Srinivasa Perumal, Perambur as Badrinarayanan, the transformation this person has undergone is quite remarkable. He says he is himself a mere spectator to the magic emperuman has woven into his life. Acquaintance of a few Bhaagavathas and knowledge of Bhagavath Ramanujacharya's kainkaryam melted his heart and gave a new meaning to his otherwise mundane life. He chose Srinivasar Perumal Koil at Perambur to offer his service. Spread across a large area, the temple had few persons for kainkaryam. Starting as a Sripaadam thangi, he has now taken the entire responsibility for running the temple. And all this kainkaryam without any monetary return! He was a little anxious on the day of honour and when asked he said "Pushpa kainkaryam is pending at the sannidhi, adiyen needs to go early."


Thirumadapalli person honored on 24-Dec-12

We are all working for some organization and shed our sweat for its progress. And consequently find little time for what this life is meant for, "Bhagavath kainkaryam". We all know that and also feel the emptiness in the act of working for some unknown owner. We stop with that feeling. But SriSowrirajan Swami wanted to fill the void that was seeping into his life. And Sri Kodanta Ramar drew him unto Him and blessed him with the thirumadapalli kainkaryam. Now this Swami takes complete care of the Divine kitchen of the Lord and at the same time manages his loukeeka office. He has also inducted his son into Sripaadam thaangi kainkaryam. And his wife is of enormous support to these two souls. An entire family at the service of SriRamapiran!


Veda Adyapakar honored on 24-Dec-12

Veda adyeyanam is itself a tough task. And becoming a ganapaati is still tougher. But what is the use if all this knowledge of Vedas does not turn into Kainkaryam for emperuman? All knowledge should be spent for Bhagavath kainkaryam. Today, all of us were witness to the honour of a person who is an excellent ganapati and also a kainkaryapara; 30 years of uninterrupted Veda Vinnappam before none other than the Lord of the Mortals and the Celestials, the Lord atop the seven hills. This scholar has not stopped with the Veda vinnappa kainkaryam alone. He is running a Veda paatasalai that shelters many students. A life dedicated to Sanathana dharmam!

As per the original plan, only one person (Sri Sowrirajan) was to be honoured today. But the day being Vaikunta ekadashi, a sudden decision to honour a Vedic scholar was taken and a volunteer indicated this Veda vidwan. Kaayika kainkaryam and vaachika kainkaryam both were honoured.


Honored who does Aneka kainkaryam on 25-Dec-12

What many men can achieve together, a single woman can in a single birth. Many such women live in this world but society takes these women and their abilities for granted. Women are like salt; they are more conspicuous when they are absent than when present. In the world of Srivaishnavism, only one qualification needs to be present for recognition, the love to perform kainkaryam for the Lord and His followers. Here is an example of a woman who has dedicated her life for Bhagavath and Bhaagavatha kainkaryam. Lord Parthasarathy of Triplicane, Chennai, has, all these years, used her for so much of kainkaryam that He would Himself be befuddled to give her something new. Kola kainkaryam (even at odd hours), pushpa kainkaryam, divya prabandha class, stotra paada class, rahasya grantha class.She has induced very many young women into kainkaryam at the temple of Lord Parthasarathy. A divine soul who has seen nothing beyond service to Lord Parthasarathy and His Bhakthas for the entirety of her life. A Baghyam to honour her.


Honored who does gives Education on 26-Dec-12

When the whole of our community was bent upon educating our children only to earn a living, Sri Vasudevachariar Swami under the direction of His visionary Acharyan, decided to blend excellent loukeeka education without diluting education in Vedas. A child who enters his school for normal English education would come out as a Vedic scholar as well. With little support from the Government, getting a single approval turned a Herculean task. But his spirits never flickered. In his mind, the words of the Founder resounded every second. Having secured excellent faculty for Vedic education, the next task was to find good teachers for loukeeka education. When the purpose is pure, people would array themselves before you. His purpose was pure and excellent teachers came in and stayed. Slowly, Sri Ahobila Muth school gained prominence and it started producing unbelievable results in 10th & 12th Annual exams. The school heaped top state ranks for many years. Apart from the academic excellence, the dress code of the school drew further attention in public eye. Compulsory veshti (dhoti) and pundram on forehead for male students and half saree and pundram for female students is the dress code. Compulsory classes on SriRamayanam and Dharma sastram welcome children at mornings on alternate days. And any child who forgets to bring his lunch or who cannot afford to bring his lunch is fed by the school. Every Vedic sanyasi is brought to the school and the children are made to interact with Him. The school is aided by many Muths.

Such a novel school was not built in a day. Enormous physical and mental efforts of thousand great souls have gone on to build the school. Spearheading the functioning is Sri Vasudevachariar, the Correspondent of the school. Age has not allowed him receive the honour presented by our Trust (a person received it on His Behalf). But his words of wisdom reached us "Starting a divine task is easy. But making it thrive for eternity or until one's last breath is what is called success. Remember that when you take up a new task."


Honored who does Sripadham on 27-Dec-12

A glimpse of the Lord in a procession around the streets brings joy to us. A lot of people carry the Lord on their shoulders. We usually think it an easy task. But once we involve in the Sripaadam thangum kainkaryam, we will realize the level of planning and execution that goes into this kainkaryam. First, this kainkaryam does not involve monetary reward in most temples. Hence, the person heading the group of volunteers needs to constantly motivate them on the divinity of the kainkaryam. Even for a normal purappadu, the head has to pool in human resources, ascertain the adequacy of persons, prepare the vahanam, see to that the apparatus required in between the purappadu are kept ready. Great human management skill is required to do this kainkaryam.

Shri Gurunathan is a person who has been doing the Sripaadam thangum kainkaryam in the temples of West Mambalam from 1967. Apart from skillfully arranging and managing the group of volunteers, he has brought in great discipline among them and has set an enviable code of conduct for them.

The pair of foot that is far more delicate that the hands of the Queen of delicacy, Sri Mahalakshmi need great care. Softness and love for the Lord is a pre-requisite for people carrying Him on their shoulders. And Sri Gurunathan has created this virtue among the people involved in the kainkaryam.


Honored who does Sripadham on 28-Dec-12

We have seen men carrying forward the legacy bequeathed by their ascendants. At times we also witness female heirs carry forward the legacy of their fathers. But it is rare to stand witness to a wife carrying forward the invaluable legacy left by her husband. Smt Rohini Bharathi is the wife of Vaikuntavasi Sri Sriram Bharathi Swami and she carries forward His legacy with fervent elan. The name of Srirama Bharathi Swami would ring sweet and celestial tones in the ears of the readers. He set to ragas the entire Divya-Prabandhams. His love for Arayar sevai reached such a level that he turned into a self made arayar (it is to be noted that he does not belong to any Arayar thiruvamsam) and expressed his bewitchment at Emperuman through the celestial tongs held in his hands. The only language he spoke was love for emperuman through music. His divine enchantment for the Lord led him to build a temple for Lord Thirunarayanan at Jalladianpettai near Thambaram. He took care of the Emperuman as his own child. Though Emperuman took away their son, the Lord made Himself a child for the divine pair of Sri Srirama Bharathi & Smt Rohini. After Sri Srirama Bharathi Swami's beautification of the Eternal Abode of Lord, the temple and its Dweller had no male patronage. But Sri Srirama Bharathi Swami's spirit dwelled in his wife. She took over the management of the temple and is also running Sri Sadagopan Tiru Narayana Swami Divya Prabandha Pathasala. When we mean management, she did not give directions to someone. There was none to be directed. She had to do it all herself. The entire temple chore became her daily chore. From mopping the temple floor before dawn to putting the little Emperuman to sleep singing a lullaby late after dusk, she has become like Yashoda to Krishna (& the students of the paatasalai). We rang up her number to ask if she would come to the honour and she replied "Oho! I have to feed him milk and some fruits and put him to bed at that time. Some people might also come to see him...I cant make it" As expected we asked confounded and a little absent-mindedly "Oh... any relative of yours?" and she replied with slight frustration "of course! My child and your father!" And we understood.

The blog of the temple is here :

Web address is hereunder :

Sri Srirama Bharati Swami brought the following books:

  1. Araiyar Sevai, Theatre Expression in Sri Vaishnava Worship Costing Rs.300/-
  2. The Sacred Book of Four Thousand costing Rs.295
  3. Alwar Tales (it is prescribed a Non detail book in Padma Sheshadri Bala Bhavan School)
  4. Thiruppavai Illustrations costing Rs.75/-
  5. They have also brought out the Devaganam CD, which is given as compliment on making a small donation of Rs.2200/- to Sri Sadagopan Thirunarayana Swami Divya Prabandha Pathasala

For the above Contact :

Smt. Sowbhagyalakshmi (Rohini) Srirama Bharati,
Sri Sadagopan Thirunarayana Swami Divya Prabandha Pathasala,
Sadagopan Nagar, Jalladempet Village.
Chennai : 600100
Call : 91 44 22462436, 22460008

ANOINTING THY FEET, Oh! Damodara....

Honored who does many activities on 30-Dec-12

Not everyone is blessed to have the feet of Lord Damodara on their shoulders, touch the flowers that emit fragrance by the Lord's sambandam, participate in the thadeeyaradhai kainkaryam during the avathara utsavam of Bhagawath Ramanujacharya at Sriperumbudur and relish the food partaken by hundreds of Bhakthas and to top it all, have Sriperumbudur Aasuri Thirumaligai as Acharyan.

Sri Panduranga Bhagavathar has all the above baghyam and in addition, is most humble. He is doing Sripaadam thangum kainkaryam at the beautiful Sri Damodara Perumal Koil, Villivakkam. Without fail, he participates in the avathara utsava thadeerayadhana kainkaryam taking place at SriPerumbudur and helps fill the stomach of thousands of bhakthas who swarm the thiruvadi of Ethiraja maamuni.

Honouring him during the avathara month of Thiruppavai was a humbling experience and all of us felt it did bring joy to Thiruppavai Jeeyar.


Honored who does Thirumadapalli kainkaryam on 30-Dec-12

As you tread through the cow overflowing streets of Triplicane, you can frequently have a glimpse of a person peddling a cycle at maximum acceleration provided you rise early and go late to sleep. He would park the cycle, swiftly climb up the steps that lead to Ahobila Muth and begin his work. The clock would strike 5a.m.After completing the work, he would walk down the stairs with the same zest that possessed him at 5am. The clock would strike 10 pm. Don't remotely guess him to be a youngster or at the worst a middle-aged man. No, he is a child. A 85 year old child. Sri Krishnamachariar Swami hails from Tirunelveli. Before 40 years, he came to Chennai for livelihood. Lord Nrisimhan accepted his service at Sri Ahobila Muth, Triplicane and from then on till this very day, he does thirumadappalli kainkaryam there. At home, every additional guest would see our mothers/wives raise their non-existent eyebrows at us. But with every additional guest at the Muth, his heart swells with love and care. Even today, he does the thaligai and parimarum kainkaryam everyday.

We asked him the secret of His fitness at this age and he calmly told "Getting up early in the day, walking or using the cycle alone, drawing water from the well, good sathvik food, everlasting love for others and above all, aashervadam of the Lord and Mangalasasanam of the Bhakthas who eat the prasadams have kept my health intact." Well, there is our lesson.


Honored who does Veda Agama kainkaryam on 1-Jan-13

Some people talk, interact relentlessly and make an impact on us. Some people create impressions by action. But here is a person whose mere sight drives you with inspiration. The scriptures and our ancestors have not been ignorant to glorify the vibrancy of a Vedic scholar who has put his heart and soul in learning the Vedas and living by its principles. One who has undergone rigorous training in the Vedas and scriptures under veritable Acharya becomes Divinity Himself. Narada, while glorifying the greatness of the Bhakthas of Emperuman says:

Theerthi kurvanti theerthani sukarmi kurvanti karmani, sacchastri kurvanti sashtrani

"He confers sacredness on sacred places, makes all deeds virtuous and all scriptures uplifting scriptures"

When Sri Badrinarayan Swami casually appeared before us for the honour, the thejas emitted by Him conveyed his deep erudition in the Vedas and the Aagama sastras. Swami not only accepted the honour, He kept the whole assembly in great spirits till the arrival of the Upanyasakar Swami (the upanyasakar Swami arrived very late since he was caught up in the 1st January sea of Chennai traffic).

Swami explained the joyful pain he underwent (and is still undergoing) to pool in resources for Vedic and Aagamic teachings. The dearth of proper aagamic scholars these days was also pointed out by him. He also narrated the divine intervention of the Supreme Being in accomplishing the tasks he had assumed on himself. A very amiable person, it was a joy to witness his honour. He came and needless to say, conquered our hearts with his kind gesture.

Feisty hands....

Honored who does Thirumadapalli kainkaryam on 1-Jan-13

Lord Nrisimha had to perform a task which had a plethora of restrictions and conditions thrown in by the mighty asura Hiranyakashipu. No doubt, the killing of this asura to save Prahlaada exhibited the Lord's love for His Bhaktha; but it also exhibited his adeptness at making optimum use of the restrictive covenants imposed by His Bhaktha's father. The avatharam was full and complete with no iota of underperformance on the part of Lord due to the conditions. Following the foremost Acharya in the Guruparampara, Shri Narasimhan demonstrates the skill he has inherited from the Lord, in his chosen field of kainkaryam i.e Thirumadapalli. Give him only the equipments without few ingredients for cooking and he would prepare excellent amudhu for the Lord. Take him to the remotest of sannidhis and he would overjoy the residing emperuman with a variety of dishes. But the ferocity in his namesake never appears in him for, his mind is always transfixed on the Divine Feet of his namesake. He is a very sathvik person and never shuns from traversing states for the purpose of Thirumadapalli kainkaryam.


Honored who does Divya Prabhandha Adhyapakam kainkaryam on 3-Jan-13

Acquisition of Vidya (knowledge) bestows one with something wonderful. In alignment with the saying 'knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers', when true knowledge crawls into the heart of a person, the 'truth' hits him in his heart. The dawning of the truth that he is, after all, a miniscule element in the vast creation of the Supreme Being. That he has nothing of his own including his body and the brain and heart it encases. He is an active yet mute spectator of his own self in this playground created by the Lord. Then wherefrom can the thoughts of Ahankara and mamakara seep into a man's mind? This realization brings in a fresh angle into his life. From a haughty individual, he turns humble. He gets released from the quagmire of ego, from the tangles of self-conceit, from the whirlpool of vengeance, from the prison of pomposity and attains a state of mind that induces love , care, respect and regard for everything be it animate or otherwise. It plunges the heart into a state of perpetual bliss that no material achievements can enable. How to achieve this humility? Will reading books do? or will listening to discourse in the confines of home do? None of the above . It is tutelage under a Guru of knowledge and practice that can teach "what it is to know....and be". A sup of the drops of water that cleanse the guru's feet can penetrate the heart and teach it wisdom and humility.

One such person who underwent deep training under a guru and learnt the essential practices of life along with divya prabandham is Sri Thirumalai Swami. He has been serving Thiruvenkatamudayan at a sannidhi in Perambur for a long period and is still serving the Lord. He is not only a divya-prabandha adhkapakar but also an Upanyasakar.

The photo of his honour is itself a sign of the humility he possesses. He has not bothered to show himself in the photograph! Pallandu for this Swami.


Honored who does Vedha Divya Prabhandha Adhyapakam kainkaryam on 4-Jan-13

On an eventful night in 1964, the sea between the southern tip of India and Srilanka surged upto 8 yards and engulfed a whole city and marooned the entire town. Dhanushkodi, a place which housed famous temples for Lord Rama submerged under the cyclonic onslaught. From the drowned town, a family dedicated to Lord Rama rescued the deities of Lord Rama from the temple at Dhanushkodi and established a temple at Crompet, Chennai housing Him.

Sri Jagannathan Swami is a descendent of this family. His dedication towards Lord Rama is to be seen to be believed. He looks after Lord Rama like how Dasharatha looked after the infant Rama, like how Guha looked after the sleeping Rama, like how Lakshman looked after the bark-robe clad Rama, like how Vibheshana looked after the anxious Rama and like how Seetha-devi looked after King Rama.

A person gifted with good management skills, Swami looks after the temple and its development, recites Vedas,divya prabandham and does upanyasam too.

It was a great time in his presence and indeed a great honour to honour him.


Honored who does Pushpa kainkaryam on 5-Jan-13

The two brothers descended the chariot. Dusk had fallen and the gleaming golden rays of the sun painted the blue sky crimson. Akrura was mightily pleased to have driven Lord and the Lord's elder brother to Mathura. His life had attained its objective. He had risen from being a sinner's servant to the saviour's servant. Having got down the chariot, SriKrishna and Balarama proceeded with great fervor towards their uncle's castle. After plucking the head of a non-heeding washerman and dressing themselves to complete satisfaction, they paced up. It was then that they spotted a florist. Seeing his collection of flowers, the Lord felt the rest of the world borrowed flowers from him. What was life in Vrindavan? No flowers to beautify the body, no chandana to besmear across the chest. But here was a man stitching fragrant flowers for their mama! The two young cowherds approached the busy florist. Seeing the lovely lotus-eyes perched in a dark face and the bewitching smile spread across the lips, the florist felt a sudden surge of utmost devotion and love for the Lord. And the Lord demanded a set of fine garlands contrasting His impregnated cloud like thirumeni and the snow-like fair texture of His brother's thirumeni. The florist's joy knew no bounds. How could he be so blessed to touch the tender yet valorous shoulders of the paramatma and garland Him. And with a heart brimming with love, he decorated the Lord and His brother with the best and costliest of flowers in his possession. The Lord had his eyes fixed upon this new found devotee. What love was that! This man, who sold flowers for livelihood had sold his heart to Him. While leaving the hut of this devotee, the Lord knew He would not see him again. And the devotee Maaladhara too knew this was his last darshan of the cowherd boys.

The fascination of flowers did not vanish from the heart of Lord Krishna. If vibhavam had a short time frame to adhere to, archavataram has a long duration. And as Lord Parthasarathy gracing the Brindaranyakshetram, the Lord needn't walk to the door of a florist and request for garland today. The three women, Smt Parimala, Smt Nachair and Selvi Banu see to that the Lord receives the best of fragrant fresh flowers every day. Freshly blossomed flowers are handpicked from the new set of flowers that arrive. While Smt Parimala has transformed a room in her house into a 'flower weaving room', Smt Nachiar and Banu see to that all the requirements for weaving a garland are kept ready. They sit together every morning and stitch flowers with their hands while their lips utter the divine names of Lord Parthasarathy. In addition to this kainkaryam, Smt Nachiar is igniting the minds of many by teaching divya-prabandham and stotra paadam everyday.

But is the Lord happy with the physical flowers that bedeck Him every day? This beautiful shloka throws light on the heart of the Lord :

"Non violence in the first flower, control of the senses next,
Compassion for all creatures is next, tolerance is the next flower,
Knowledge is the next of the flowers, austerity next and contemplation is the seventh,
And the eighth is the flower of Truth. And these eight pacify Vishnu"

What the Lord expects is purity of the heart while doing His kainkaryam. Since the above traits are seen in the above kainkaryaparas, the Lord is happily accepting the physical garlands woven by them.

Let us all pray for the continuation of the wonderful Pushpa kainkaryam done to Lord Parthasarathy.


Honored who does DivyaPrabhabdha and Thadhiyaradhana kainkaryam on 7-Jan-13

Hailing from the Thiruvamsam of one of Manavala Mamunigal's ashta dik gajam's, the dedication of Sri Paravasthu Padmanabhan Swami can never go unnoticed. Wherever born, a rose would spread its fragrance in its entire locality. Similar is Sri Padmanabha Swami. From the time he mastered the Divya-prabandham, he has been teaching them, irrespective of whether he lives in a divya desam or not. From 2004, he has been unceasing in his endeavour to spread the knowledge of Azhwars in and around Valasarawalkam. Very many Aasthikas have learnt under him and are now travelling to unheeded divya desams and performing kainkaryam. And they are also looking after the local temples. SriPadmanabha Swami is also performing the celebrated thadeeyaradhanai kainkaryam at Thirumalai-thirupathy during the purattasi utsavam. Swami is a sthalathar of Thirumalai.

If we can hear the celestial tone of divya prabandha gosha in and around valasarawalkam, the credit should primarily go to this great Swami.

It was an excellent experience to have him among us for the thondin aaradhanai kainkaryam.


Honored who does Agama kainkaryam on 8-Jan-13

Many people ask why worship the omnipresent Lord in temples? If He is omnipresent, can't we simply stay where we are and worship Him?

A simple, general yet effective answer to this question is "Air is everywhere. But we need a fan to feel its presence." Having a material temple and a vigraha made out of a earthly elements is a splendid proof of the Lord's love for His Bhakthas. Our acharyas beautifully explain that by making Himself an inhabitant of a specific place and making people quantify His presence to a specific structure (i.e we say Namperumal dwells in Srirangam. When we travel to Srirangam, we say Namperumal is not everywhere in Srirangam, but in the temple. And in the vast temple, we are shown Namperumal in a small Garbha Graha!). Oh! What mercy should the Supreme Being have to kill His basic characteristic of omnipresence simply to help His children realize Him. The ordinary man has forgotten that the Supreme Being is omnipresent. The atheist cites this very reason (the assumed discrepancy and tries to stab the theist). The Lord is enduring all this only for our sake! Are we all equipped enough to see through our hearts, spot the Paramatma and worship Him? Not at all. Most of us know not what organs are wrapped up within the skin. How then will we spot the athma and then the paramatma within it? And who knows this better that the resident of our athma? Hence the Supreme Being's decision to take up a divya mangala vigraha and a place of residence in the form of a temple.

And hence our Azhwars and Acharyas have inexplicable love for Archavatharam and the temple that houses Him. Thirumangai Azhwar robbed to build His temples. And the activity of renovating His temple has been credited as one of the most auspicious kainkaryams.

The Emperuman residing in the divya mangala vigraha is not a mere piece of sculpture. Namazhwar, while describing Thiruk-kannapuram says Lord Sowrirajan may seem false for those who worship Him superficially. But to the true Bhaktha, He shows Himself. And to the temple of this beautiful Lord Sowriraja, Shri Raghavachariar Swami conducted a memorable samprokshanam involving enormous resources. A samprokshanam of that magnitude needed the complete support of the residing deity and Sri Raghavachariar Swami got it by His sheer devotion. This Swami has also done the jeernodharanam and samprokshanam of Sri Virudunagar Varadarajar sannidhi.

The day we honoured him, he explained the intricate details of the sculpture of Sri Thirukkannapuram temple and it was a pleasant hair raising experience to hear the details.


Honored who does SriPadha kainkaryam on 9-Jan-13

Once, an ascetic from a divya-desam travelled to Srirangam to witness the celebrated Periya-thirunal (Adyeyena) utsavam celebrated by Namperumal. Everyday, he went to the temple and watched, worshipped and stood in awe by the beauty of Namperumal and His different walks(nadai) on the shoulders of the Sripaadam Thangigal.

Namperumal's gathi (style of walking) differs with His moods. Once His gait would be like that of a ferocious lion, once like a King Cobra, at times like a majestic elephant. The sanyasi watched it all with tears pouring out of his eyes. And then he thought "It is because of these specially trained Sripaadam thangigal that such wonderful walks are being witnessed at Srirangam. If we request them to come to our divyadesam during brahmotsavam and make them carry the Emperuman on their shoulders, our Perumal will also look enchanting in the various gathis." Convinced thus, he made an earnest appeal to the Sripaadamthangigal to come to their divyadesam for carrying the Lord on their shoulders. Hearing the words coming fromthe lips of a great sanyasin, they accepted and made their way to the divya-desam and carried the Emperuman on their shoulders on all the days of the utsavam. After the utsavam, the sanyasin invited them all to his Muth and blessed them with precious gifts. But he looked disappointed and remarked that not a single day could he compare the utsavam with that of Srirangam. He stated that the sole motive behind inviting them to his divya-desam was to make the utsavams look like Srirangam's and the walks like that of Namperumal's. But it did not happen. The Sripaadam thangigal were amused. They exclaimed "Oh! Respected swamy! We never knew you wanted to replicate the utsava style of Srirangam here. Had we know your heart's desire, we would have never accepted your invitation. Does your respected self think allthe gathis of Namperumal and His beautiful gait is because of us? If it were our skill that got exhibited, then, should the people not fall at our feet when we walk on the streets sans Perumal? No. They don't do it. It is Namperumal's mood that gets reflected in our walk. We are just His Limbs. The utsavam of the Perumal of your divya-desam will be very beautiful if His own beloved Sripaadam thangigal carry Him instead of outsiders like us." The Sanyasi was extremely pleased by the wonderful insight offered by the SriPaadam thangigal. He appreciated the beautiful relationship between them and Namperumal and realized the Bhaavam of Sripaadam thangigal in general.

Great insights are offered by Emperuman to the ones intimately connected with His daily temple routine. One such group is the Sripaadamthangi group. And the Sripaadam thangigal of aadikeshava perumal koil are one such dedicated group. Heading the group of the young Sripaadam thangigal is the Swamy receiving the honour. Their service is not restricted to this temple. Whenever there is a need to organize utsavams with scant human resources, these people enter the scene and complete the kainkaryam. At times of emergency, the members of this group have sacrificed their official duties for weeks together and helped conduct utsavams.

Find below a few beautiful VIDEOs of Namperumal's majestic nadai,

A GRANTER Indeed....

Honored who does Singing kainkaryam on 9-Jan-13

Sri Varadan swamy lives in Villivakkam. But you can find Him in very many divya-desams performing the wonderful kainkaryam of singing the nectarous verses of the Azhwars. "Where there is smoke, there is fire" goes a saying. In the case of Varadan swamy, when you hear the pasurams of Azhwars, his presence can be assumed.

A very dedicated personality, His very appearance carries with it the tradition of our ancestors. Bright Thiruman kaappu across the forehead, tonsured head, glittering rings hanging from the ears, soft countenance. But his voice carries enough might to reach the ears of Emperuman when the gosthi is at one end of the street and the Lord at the other.

His association with Villivakkam Damodaran sannidhi dates back to over two decades. It may sound ironical but in all difficult circumstances, he has been with Lord Damodara.


Honored who does Adhyapaka kainkaryam on 10-Jan-13

There resided a very old Srivaishnavite in a divya desam. Age had laid its icy hands on his faculties. His vision had vanished. His ears heard little. His love for the Lord though, remained intact. He had mastered the Divya-prabandhams as a young man and passed his time devouring the sweet ecstatic outpourings of the Azhwars. He always carried about him, his nut wallet and in it, he had kept a Salagrama deity as his constant companion. When by accident, the tiny nut-alike salagrama deity mixed up with the nut, and entered his mouth while chewing the nut, he would of course feel the hardness of the deity different from the nut. He would then, with utmost reverence take Him out, wash with water, dry with his already dust laden robe, dress the deity and taking the cymbals (taalam) in his hands, sing a beautiful verse from the sugary Tiruvaimozhi of Saint Namazhwar and then lull the little Salagrama deity to sleep. This confusion and the ensuing events happened almost on an everyday basis. A young Srivaishnavite, noticed the happenings with absolute astonishment. With rage running through his veins at such an irreverent blasphemous treatment to the Supreme Being, he hastened to the old person and reproached him severely. He demanded the desecrated Salagrama moorthi and the old man obliged succumbing to guilt. The young Srivaishnava was very happy at obtaining the Lord and he took Him home and started worshipping in all strict details of ceremonial worship. But the Lord appeared in his dreams on the very first night itself and said "Ye fool! I was happy where I was. I had the felicity of becoming bathed in the nectar-like saliva of his holy mouth, very holy due to the constant chanting of the hymns of My dearest Azhwars. And I also had the supreme delight in listening to the sweet verses from the divya prabandham which he warbled to me. But now, you have deprived me of all this happiness and subjected me the tedious trials of your dry formal worship." Put into great apprehension by this dream, the young Srivaishnavite forthwith restored the Salagrama to the former old custodian, who accepted the deity with love pouring out as tears and pasurams. Nevertheless, the old story of Salagrama entering his mouth as nut continued and the Lord remained in Bliss!

The Lord takes supreme pleasure in listening to the rapturous outpourings from the love-smitten and love-soaked hearts of His Devotees. Such devotees were the Azhwars. And hence, we give so much of importance to their verses. Just by pretending to carry streaks of their Bhakthi by chanting their words, we receive the Grace of the Supreme. What if someone live his entire life chanting their works and serving Lord? Sri Sundaram swamy is in his 80s now. But from the days of childhood, he has been in love with the words of Azhwars and of course, the Lord encased within them. Spending his time as the adyapakar in Sri Venkatesha perumal koil, Perumbur, he has succeeded in creating a large group of ardent devotees there.

He couldn't grace the occasion due to the age factor and his son accepted the honour on his behalf.


Honored who does SriPadham kainkaryam on 10-Jan-13

The Sripaadam thangigal of Sathyanarayana koil were also honoured. The first brahmostavam of the Perumbur temple mentioned above was successfully completed by this group.It was a time when none had accepted the proposal and these people stepped in to conduct the utsavam. It was the very grace of Lord Venkatesha that both the honours happened on the same day. The sripaadam thangigal, unlike others, don't restrict themselves to a specific temple. Even if there is an utsavam in another temple clashing with theirs, they make arrangements to conduct both. A great chance to honour them.


Honored who does Bhajan kainkaryam on 12-Jan-13

We often come across Bhajan groups being severely criticized. The reason would often turn out that there are many members who are ignorant of the rules of pronouncing the names of Lord and hence utter the names violating the grammatical rules of the language. In this context, a beautiful and simple shloka is worth examining.

"Moorkhaha vadati vishnaaya
Vidwan vadati vishnave
Ubhayosthu phalam tulyam
Bhaavagrahi janardhana"

As per the Sanskrit language, nouns have cases-endings like Nominative, Acquisitive and each noun has them different based on the ending of the word. For example, the word Raama: ends with 'a' and hence follows certain ways of being used in the language under different contexts. When someone addresses Raama in the context "for Raama", the word 'Raamaaya' (4th case ending) is to be used. But the word Vishnu is different. It ends with 'UHh' and hence has a different set of case-endings and hence an address to Vishnu in the tonality of "for Vishnu" would be 'Vishnavae' (4th case ending).

A learned scholar made his entry into the sanctum sanctorum of the beautiful temple of Poori and stood before Lord Jagannatha in great veneration. Since the Lord standing there as Jagannatha is none other than Vishnu, he addressed the Lord "Vishnavae namaha" (Namaskaaram for Vishnu). This happened every day. Standing just opposite this learned pundit was an uneducated villager who too appeared there every day. He did not know the grammatical rules of Sanskrit. His faint knowledge indicated that the Lord standing as a wooden structure along with Balarama and Shubadra was Lord Vishnu incarnate. But he had learnt only the grammatical forms of 'Raama' as a child. So he erroneously addressed the Lord "Vishnaya namaha". The learned scholar observed this every day.

In a few years, both of their mortal bodies fell and both of them reached the Supreme Abode of the Lord. Standing before the Lord, the scholar was astonished to see the ignorant villager a companion here too. He asked the Lord "Oh Lord! I understand that I have attained your Abode. I am a learned scholar of all the sastras and have been at Your service all along. But this villager had been constantly misspelling Your Divine names every now and then. How could he attain this glorious abode?" and the Lord said "I don't read what comes from your lips. I read only your heart. If there is a spot of true love in it for Me, I grant the spotless SriVaikuntam". Hence both of you are here to serve Me for eternity. The Lord absorbs the Bhaavam of the person uttering His name. After all, any word and any letter that exists in the atmosphere is His. But the person uttering the Lord's name needs to take care while chanting His name.

The excellent "Prasanna Venkatesha Perumal Koil Sahasranama and Bhajana Mandali" has been in the kainkaryam of spreading the SriVishnusahasranama and Naama sankeerthanam for the past several years. It consists people of different age groups. From 7 year old children to 70 year old elders, each of them participate in the chanting sessions with great fervour. These people also join hands and collect money for temple renovation and repair works.


Honored who does Upanyasa kainkaryam on 12-Jan-13

Many texts have described the beauty of Lord Krishna. His divya-thirumeni (Holy body) has been described as the sum of pitch-darkness across the universe wherein are perched three lotuses viz. the two beautiful freshly blossomed nectar filled lotuses called eyes and lips that can cure any ailment with Its bewitching smile.

The hair of Emperuman is still darker than His skin. Azhwars stand in knee-deep tears while describing His collyrium coloured curly locks of hair suspended upto His shoulders that sway hither tither when He walks like a majestic lion. All the ornaments that gain prominence by adorning His long neck and broad ears follow the example of the hair like the army that follows the commander-in-chief and move in consonance with It. Similar is the padi-yettam (climbing the stairs) of Namperumal. Not only do the ornaments act in consonance with His gestures, even the Golden-Umbrella and the fire-logs that are part of the paraphernalia of the procession, sway in perfect tandem with the movement of Namperumal.

But this Kannan, though the very assortment of everything beautiful, did not look so in the avataram! While as a child, He travelled every day in the scorching sun leading a large group of cows and kids. "Go dhooli dhoosaritha koomala kesha vesham" is how he is described. The hordes of cows dig their hooves into the soil and release the sand into the air. This dust laden sand envelopes the air and settles on His silky curls finding them to be the most comfortable place to rest. Thus little Krishna's hair would absolutely contrast the tone of His skin! If that is the case of His childhood days at Vraj-bhoomi , how was He as the King of Dwarika, as the grown-up star of the Vrishni vamsham? Sitting amidst crores of warriors, in the yuddha bhoomi, as the charioteer of Arjuna, the Lord declared "Aham thva sarva paapebhyo". How did the Lord look then? With one hand, He tightly gripped the rope that held on to the horses which frolicked forward swiftly and with the other, He held the small stick with a rope suspended at one end to chasten the horses. While one of the divine Feet was bent in the sitting position, the other was let down the chariot and oscillated with the unceasing jerks. And the entire locks of dark curly hair had turned white with the dust raised by the entire army of men and monsters assembled for the historic war!

Thus, the Emperuman had gone to the extent of even looking ugly (even that is absolute Beauty in the eyes of Bhakthas) just for the sake of His dependents, just for those who thought "Hey Krishna! You are our sole resort" and the animals that loved Him instinctively.

Don't think He does it only during the times of His avataram. Even today, as Rajagopalan of Mannarkudi, the emperuman ambulates the streets on the day before His birthday as a child holding the Vessel full of butter. Just as the Emperuman leaves the entrance of the temple, people thronging the temple splash butter on His thirumeni at every step He takes. Within a few minutes, not only His curls but from Tip to Toe, He would turn completely buttery. Any passer-by would mistake Him to be a heap of snow unless he takes a closer look. Even today, the Lord is ready to change is roopam just to bring a smile on the face of His Bhakthas! What mercy!

How else should time be spent than speaking, laughing and dancing thinking of His divine acts and the unfathomable ocean of His Virtues? That is exactly what Sri Krishnadas swamy does day in and out. Born into a very traditional family, His childhood was spent learning the divine chronicles of SriKrishna. As He grew up, his love for the Lord reached its pinnacle and he decided to spend each day in spreading the knowledge of Sri Krishna. He has already completed many SriBhaagavatha saptaahams and is ever on the pious path of making the common man know SriKrishna. His very lifestyle epitomises simplicity. He thrives on fruits and milk. He eats lightly and ever chants the names of Emperuman. It is to be mentioned that he had volunteered to take classes on SriBhaagavatham for the "Spiritual classes" held by Srimaan Trust regularly at Government schools in Srirangam. He also has great care and love for the children of the Gurukulam and offered the entire Mahabharath series telecast in television for their viewing.

He was conducting a SriBhaagavatha Sapthaham at Srirangam when the honour was given to Him.

Click here to seek His blessings

Vennai thaazhi and other wonderful photos of the recently concluded Mannarkudi utsavam.


Honored who does teaching Divya Prabhandham kainkaryam on 13-Jan-13

"Praata: dyuta prasangena madyanne stri prasangata:
Raatrow chourya prasangena kaalo gacchati dheemataam"

"Great men spend time by talking about gambling at morning, discussing a woman at noon and contemplating on theft at night" goes a good saying. If that was the daily schedule of great men, then many a men would be great!

The saying means great men spend their mornings discussing the great epic Mahabharath (a part of which is the game of gamble), chat about the greatness and the values enshrined in SriRamayanam at noon (the core of which is the prominence of Sri Seeta Devi, a woman) and end the day savouring the exploits of SriKrishna who is known to rob butter and the clothes of women (along with their hearts). Great men spend time that befits their greatness.

Sri Kudai Srinivasachariar swamy is among the greats in Srivaishnava Sampradayam. For the past 35 years, he has been teaching Divya-Prabandham to so many people that counting would be a futile effort. Hailing from Kanchipuram, his sishyas are found everywhere in Tamizh Nadu.

"Gurum prakaashayet dheeman" goes a quote. The student is bound to bring to light the greatness of the Guru. The sishyas of Sri Kudai Srinivasachariar swamy have been teaching a large number of people and carrying forward his legacy. A few of them have been awarded "Thondin aaradhanai" and in their acceptance speech, they have dedicated the award to this swamy! Thus, they have, without doubt, brought glory to this swamy. A look at the swamy would tell tales of his erudition and dedication.

Swamy was the second person planned to be felicitated for Thondin aaradhanai. But he had not been in station. Hence the award was given to him on the day of his arrival which turned out to be the penultimate day of the Thiruppavai upanyasam and thondin aaradhanai function.

Following this, the Sripaadam thangigal of SriKodanta Ramar sannidhi, West Mambalam were honoured. Sri Gurunathan, head of the Sripaadam thangigal group accepted the honour on their behalf.


Prasadham distribution on 13-Jan-13

Since the satrumurai was to be held on the next day (14-01-2013), we sent a volunteer to Srivilliputtur. The volunteer had to take a day off from office and obliged despite at a loss of pay.We had arranged for the heavenly garland worn by SriAndal and Rengamannar and Paal khoa prasadam to be brought to Chennai. Sri E.B.Sriram swamy was garlanded by patron and volunteer Shri V.R.Raghunathan swamy. The dedicated couple of Sri V.R.Raghunathan swamy and his dharmapatni were given a pair of garlands from Sri Andal's sannidhi and each was asked to festoon one another.

This was followed by the Paal-khoa prasadam distribution for the assembled Bhakthas and all the volunteers.

The day ended with the nectar like upanyasam going down the ear and the sweet Paal-khoa going down the throat of all. The last day of "Thondin aaradhanai 2012-13" was awaited....

Sri Kudai Srinivasachariar swamy is among the greats in Srivaishnava Sampradayam. For the past 35 years, he has been teaching Divya-Prabandham to so many people that counting would be a futile effort. Hailing from Kanchipuram, his sishyas are found everywhere in Tamizh Nadu.

"Gurum prakaashayet dheeman" goes a quote. The student is bound to bring to light the greatness of the Guru. The sishyas of Sri Kudai Srinivasachariar swamy have been teaching a large number of people and carrying forward his legacy. A few of them have been awarded "Thondin aaradhanai" and in their acceptance speech, they have dedicated the award to this swamy! Thus, they have, without doubt, brought glory to this swamy. A look at the swamy would tell tales of his erudition and dedication.

Swamy was the second person planned to be felicitated for Thondin aaradhanai. But he had not been in station. Hence the award was given to him on the day of his arrival which turned out to be the penultimate day of the Thiruppavai upanyasam and thondin aaradhanai function.

Following this, the Sripaadam thangigal of SriKodanta Ramar sannidhi, West Mambalam were honoured. Sri Gurunathan, head of the Sripaadam thangigal group accepted the honour on their behalf.


"Sri Parasara Bhattar, the famous acharya in the spectacular galaxy of Srivaishanva preceptors, was once travelling for an utsavam outside Srirangam. He walked through the woods. There, he met a hunter. A look at the acharya made the hunter pour reverence on him. The hunter offered him a seat and he too sat down. Srivaishnava acharyas have the unique trait of looking at everyone with the same eyes. In their view, a person is never cast low or high by how he looks or where he lives. The instinctive prejudice that has diseased the society was never in their midst.

Having taken his seat, Swamy, with his usual inquisiteveness, questioned the hunter of the happenings around the forest. The hunter seemed excited. He mentally rehersed what to tell and decided to tell a strange recent happening. He said "Swamy, a few days back, I did not get food throughout the day. Hunger had started eating the stomach. Hence I decided to find food at any cost and headed towards a rabbit habitat. Fortunately, I found a little baby rabbit and holding it by the ears, started walking home. Having walked a few steps, I sensed something nibbling at my feet. To my surprise, I found the mother of this rabbit at my feet. Its behavious was very strange. It kept nibbling at my toes and quickly ran around my feet and came back to the toes. This kept happening for some time and I couldn't put a foot forward. And a strange feeling erupted in my heart. I felt mercy for the two rabbits. My mind stubbornly directed me to make my supper with the rabbit but my heart intercepted the mind and demanded the release of the little rabbit. I was so overcome with compassion that I put down the child rabbit. Both the rabbits went around me a couple of times and left happily. And to my surprise, my stomach seemed full.

The Acharya listened to the entire narration with eyes wide open and exclaimed "Oh Ranga! How can we narrow down the concept of Saranagati to a certain set of rules? Look at the incident here! A man devoid of any sastric learning melts down to the saranagathi(surrender) of a rabbit and forgoes his hunger. A rabbit, absolutely devoid of any sort of tatva gnyanam instinctively surrenders at the feet of the hunter and seeks the release of its child! How can saranagathi have stringent rules? It is a simple yet highly effective concept......"

aptly explained Sri Elayavilli Sriram swamy while discoursing on the subtle aspects of Saranagathi in Thiruppavai. 30 days of eloquence. 30 days of expertise. 30 days of Bhakthi. 30 days of knowledge. 30 days of divine downpour from the upanyasakar.

The last day of "Thondin aaradhanai" was afoot on the last day of Thiruppavai discourse organized by Srimaan Trust. Who was left to be honoured on the ultimate day? It was the upanyasakar who drenched the public with wisdom from the treasure trove of scriptures all the 30 days who was left. And he was honoured on this day.

Sri Elayavilli Sriram swamy hails from the vamsam of great pundits. His grandfather Sri Elayavilli Shatakopachariar swamy and younger grandfather Sri Tirumalai Anantanpillai Shatabhisekam swamy were great pillars in the Srivaishnava world. His father Sri Elayavilli Bhuvarahachariar swamy is a scholar par excellence. Sri Sriram swamy is the last son of Bhuvarahachariar swamy. Sriram swamy spent his younger days as any other kid. Living amidst heaps of sastric and sampradaic texts and under the breath of scholars frequenting their house at Bangalore, his introduction to sampradayam was a natural consequence. Being the last child, he was the cynosure of all eyes and lived a cool life; growing up, he started working for a graphics design company.

But a complete turn came about his life when his acharyan-father's vision started blurring. He had to replace his father's eyes which meant he had to be with him throughout the day and read from very many texts. And he accepted this as his life. Ageing parents became his first priority in life. "The sishya should take care of the Acharyan's shareeram" say the sastras. He had become a part of the Acharyans shareeram by performing the role of the acharyan's eyes. Just like the boy who neglected Lord Vittala standing at the doorsteps when he was serving the parents, Sriram swamy cast every other thing to his life's luggage compartment and put his father first.

Sitting at the feet of his father, he learnt all the sampradaya gnyanam for several decades. And then he began giving discourses. His upanyasams are known for being completely faithful to the works of the poorvacharyas. In every upanyasam, he would bring in an event from the life of the Acharyas and would connect it beautifully to the topic on hand. In addition, he would stop the audience from sagging their eyelids by giving rib-tickling jokes, mostly drawn from the works of the acharyas. His sathvik ways have earned him a great name in the hearts of people.

Today, Sriram swamy resides at Azhwar thirunagari, performing nithya kainkaryam at the feet of Namazhwar, their Thirumaligai (house) deity and his parents. He, along with his dharma-patni are completely dedicated for the cause of our culture. And their son, Elayavilli Satajith has arisen as the moon in the star-studded family of scholars.

"Acharya adheena vrittistu yaavath jeevanam sadaa suchi:"
"Live under the feet of your acharya for the entire life"

Sri Sriram swamy is living by the above principle and has inculcated this thought in his wife and child. It was indeed an honour to honour him.

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