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Srisailesadayapathram Srivaishnava Magazine

Our Sampradaya Magazine which contains our poorvacharya works on monthly basis. Editor/Publisher of the Magazine is Srivaishnava Mahanidhi Sri. U. Ve. Raghuraman Swami, a resident of Puthur. He has learnt under the guidance of stalwarts such as Sudharsnar Sri. U.Ve. Krishnaswamy Iyengar, Sri. U.Ve. Gomadam Sampath swamy, Koil Vidwan Sri. U.Ve. Narasimhachariyar swamy, etc. He is well versed in both Tamil and Sanskrit (Srivaishnava) literature and is engaged in many kainkaryams relating to grantha paripalanam (protecting and publishing purvacharya granthas). He is a sanskrit teacher by profession.

Click here for samples of the book.

Other books from this Publications in good quality paper and bold letters are

Book TitleCost in Rs.
4000 Divya Prabhandham with Vazhi Thriunamams450
Nithyansandhanam (Contains Divya Prabhandha Pasurams, Sthothra Padams, Vazhi Thirunamams can be recited on daily basis.)100
Nithyaanustanam and Thiruvaradhana Kramam30
Azhwar Acharya Vazhi Thirunamam30

Also already published Amalan Adhipiran vyakhyAnams, Arulicheyal rahasyam, Thirumazhisai Annavappangar swamy's granthas, etc to name a few.

Please find here for sample pages of the books.

Kindly subscribe (yearly subscription Rs. 400 and Life time [for 14 years] Subscription Rs. 4000) and get the books at the earliest to get benefit. You can contact 09750759487 or 09791415768 for further details.

Puthur Vakkil Krishnamachariar (Sudharsanar) Swami gives title 'Srivaishanava Mahanidhi' to Puthur Raghuram Swami:

Puthur Swami gives title 'Srivaishanava Mahanidhi' to Puthur Raghuram Swami

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