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Karur Sri Ramayana Prize Distribution Function

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Emperumaan has blessed us with the Vedas which serve as the only means to attain Him and enjoy Him forever. But considering the vastness and complexity of the Vedas, he also has given us Ithihasas and Puranas through the works of great sages like Valmiki, Parasara, Veda Vyasa etc which preach the essential values to be practiced by humans. Out of Ithihasas and Puranas, the former is considered greater because Emperumaan Himself incarnates as a human and shows us the path to live by being a trend-setter. Sri Ramayanam is one such an epic.

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Salem Sriramayana Contest Prize distribution function

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Sanathana Dharmam is a tradition based on the values defined by Vedas. Vedas are regarded as the breath of Emperumaan Himself. Emperumaan and Vedas are that much inseparable. So, even during Tretha Yugam, when Emperumaan takes avathaaram as Sri Rama, the Vedas also incarnate as Sri Ramayanam. Hence the greatness and importance of Sri Ramayanam is equivalent to that of Vedas. It's even important because Emperumaan Himself has taken the form of a human and showed us the way of life. It is indeed true that Sri Ramayanam is a great gift for mankind and as said by our elders, its message will spread in all the worlds until the mountains stand and rivers flow in this world.

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A Dip in Divinity - VI (end)

(....trip to SriAnantazhwan's thirumaligai )

The midday sun was merciful enough. The bus drove smoothly, occasionally squirming against the bumpy roads. The children, though expected to have lost energy, looked just the opposite. The ShreePaadatheertham of SriAandan furthered their love for Sampradayam. Discussing the athma- gunas of the Acharyas, the logical topic to follow was the vaibhavam of SriAnantazhwan. A lot was spoken on the unshakable Acharya Bhakthi that possessed Anantarya. His vairagyam, chastity of thought and intense speed of execution of Acharya aagnya were shared by all. The trip of SriParasara Bhattar to Thirunarayanapuram to fulfill Ethirajar's wish of claiming Vedanti to the True Faith and his prior halt at SriAnantazhwan's thirumaligai were discussed when the bus reached Siruputtur. Anantazhwan, who was almost four times the age of SriParasara Bhattar, prostrated before Bhattar when He visited Anantazhwan. Such was the Bhakthi and forethought Anantazhwan had. Anantazhwan knew the pulse of His Acharyan and foresaw the Anointment of SriParasara Bhattar as the next apostle of the Srivaishnava Faith after SriRamanuja.

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A Dip in Divinity - V

( ...the fascination of Yaadavadri continues)

13th May: In the land of Ramanuja diwakarar, the rising and setting of the physical sun is insignificant. The children rose before dawn and prepared themselves for the travel filled day ahead.

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A Dip in Divinity - IV

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(... the sampradaya drama at SriMudaliandan thirumaligai continues - 12th May 2012)

The screens go down. And in a few minutes, they're up again. Once more, we witness a woman in deep conversation with a Sanyasi. But this time it is the woman from Thiruvallikkeni and the Sanyasi, Manavala Mamunigal.

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A Dip in Divinity - III

(...12th May anubhavam continues)

With the forenoon drawing to a close, we traced out steps for the thadeerayadhanam(feast) held by Shri Mudaliaandan thirumaaligai. The varthamana Swamy was overwhelmed to see the students and poured his aashirvadam on them. The thadeeyaradhanam was excellent and the children rejoiced that Emperuman had accepted the pradadams with utmost bhoogam.

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A Dip in Divinity - II

The plan was to spend time in and around Thirunarayanapuram for two days, the 12th and 13th May.

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A Dip in Divinity - I

The clouds seemed gravely serene. Only that they were on the brink of opening up and emptying their reserves with magnanimity. As we stood atop the hill of SriNrisimhan and glanced down at the scene that sprawled before our eyes, our breath stood still for a moment. The Pushkarni below looked like emeralds spread across an acre of land or was it an ornament (adukku padhakkam) that bedecked the pristine land below? We wondered. The trees below with wavy texture seemed to have risen from the seeds the very previous night. Such was their freshness. And in the midst of every possible shade of green, stood the towering structure, like pearls heaped conically in the midst of stones, the wonderful gopuram of Emperumaan.

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Nandhana Year Guide

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The annual Info diary of Srimaan Trust has got released.The diary was released in a Vidwath Sadhas in Srirangam before vidwans like Sri Parasara LakshmiNarasimha Bhattar, Sri Venkatachariar Swami (Narsapur), Sri Karunakarachariar Swami, Srivaishanvasri Krishnamachariar Swami with our founder swami on auspicious Vaikasi Visagam day. Each year the diary carries new features to aid the temple lovers seek their temple destinations easily (the utsava details inside and outside Thiruvarangam in diary) with some Question and Answers on Sri Pancharathra Agamam practiced in Thiruvarangam.

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Everlasting taste...

"Kruthalakshana" - An interesting name of Lord Sriman Narayana referred to in the Vishnu Sahasranama means, one who is the owner of auspicious signs. Parasara Bhattar, in his commentary, also had said that the name referred to one who has the "Bhagavatas" as His followers. The Lord easily identifies His true followers and to qualify for this, one should be friendly towards all and help them whenever they needed it and when they don't need it too - at all times.

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During the April and May months we got the boon to honour and prostrate some rare veterans of Srirangam as well as neighbouring Divyadesams. We would like to share the joy and kripa with you in this and forthcoming emails.

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Spiritual Camp - Anubavam - Part III (Final)

All the children were taught Kanninunsiruthambu during this camp. It is sweet to hear childish language (mazhalai) and it is sweeter to hear Kanninunsiruthambu. If both of them combine, the experience is something which cannot be described by words. Indeed, their chant was so nice that we need to learn the proper way to chant Kanninunsiruthambu from them. It had the clarity, coherence and the right pace which we generally lack while chanting.

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