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Srimaan Trust has introduced sampradaya playing cards called 'Srimaan Card Game', a set of 108 cards, aimed at evoking spirituality and at the same time keeping the players engaged. The cards are designed primarily keeping children in mind. Children these days have umpteen distractions that keep them away from spiritual pursuits. Wishing to get over this and to tackle the children in their own way, this card Game has been created.

The game would benefit the whole of your family in the following ways:

  • Gain mastery :
    1. Knowledge of each divya-desam.
    2. Name of Perumal and Nachiar.
    3. The total number of pasurams for a divya desam.
    4. The chapter (pathu) and padhigam in which it features.
    5. The Azhwars who've sung for the divvy-desam.
  • Cleanse the minds of the players since every throw of card would make them chant the name of the divya desam and emperumaan.
  • Bring joy to SrimanNarayanan since a mortal( whether with Bhakthi or not) chants His name and His Divya-desam when playing the game.
  • Have the sevai of each divya desa perumal each time the card is used.
  • The air would be kept pure and pious where the name of Divya Desams and the Perumals of those divya desams keeps reverberating.

Cost of the Cards (a pack of 108 and photos of some beautiful Emperumaans) : Rs. 200 /-

You can get the copies of Srimaan Card Game from:

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Triplicane9790923211, 044-28446100

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    - Shri. Ravi Senthilkumar
  • It was very good to see such unknown Vidwans are now made known to the Public thru Bhattar Kuzham. Very Nice indeed.
    - Shri. BalaKrishnan
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    - Shri. Raghavan KV
  • Very good initiative.
    - Shri. Ramamoorthy Dharanidhar
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    - Smt. Padmini Rajagopalan