Name Description
Ayur Raksha : Medical Aid
  • Description : Purchasing medicines for the poor suffering from health hazards. There are a lot of tender-like kids and their parents facing serious complications in our country. We aid them by all means.
  • Expenditure : Rs. 36,000 p.a.
  • You can protect and save the life of these people by donating us.
Anuyagam : Provisions for the needy
  • Description : Provide food grains, cereals and other provisions to the hunger-stricken people.
  • Expenditure : Rs. 20,000 p.a.
  • You can fill the stomach of these people and earn their whole hearted blessings.
Vasthra Dhaanam : Clothes for the needy
  • Description : Distribute good quality clothing to children, men and women who cant afford them. School uniforms are also given under this scheme.
  • Expenditure : Rs. 75,000 p.a.
  • You can sponsor the cost of buying dresses or you can give old clothes in your possession.
Vidhya Sahayam : Scholarship
  • Description : Support students eager to study but are financially unsound. Their school fees, books and other materials, tuition fees and all other requirements are met by the Trust.
  • Expenditure : Rs. 1,50,000 p.a.
  • You can help educate a child by sponsoring his academic expenses.
Dharma Upanayanam : Sacred Thread Ceremony
  • Description : We bear all cost related to the sacred thread ceremony of poor families. Culture and customs should be upheld. It should not be compromised for want of funds. Hence we extend support to this activity.
  • Expenditure : Rs. 30,000 per upanayanam
  • You can participate in the spiritual enlightenment of a child by bearing the upanayanam related expenses.
Acharya Vandanam : Honoring revered Acharyas
  • Description : Acharyas are the gurus who show the righteous path to the society. It is our duty to support them and show them respect. We buy them monthly provisions and also support them monetarily for their spiritual quest.
  • Expenditure : Rs. 25,000 for 25 acharyas
  • You can get blessed by the divine Acharyas by sponsoring the monthly provisions.
Vidwath vandanam : Honoring Scholars
  • Description : Knowledge is power. Scholars are the knowledge banks of our scriptures and religious texts. They can help our nation face the tough challenges with their divine suggestions. We are bound to attend to their needs. We buy them provisions, books, give monetary aid, provide shelter and every other help to assist them in their spiritual journey.
  • Expenditure : Rs. 25,000 for 25 acharyas
  • You can empower yourself by supporting these spiritual masters. You can sponsor their monthly provision requirement or buy them books/scriptures, bear their monthly rent or any other expense.
Sannidhi Vandanam: Homage to sannidhis
  • Description : God gives us all wealth. How to reciprocate his benevolent action? It's Simple. Help his servants and he'll be elated. Hence we aid the kaninkarya paras(those looking after the Lord) in all their requirements. We buy Food grains, veshti(dhotis), ghee for the sannidhi they look after, arrange vehicles for their commutation from home to temple, provide monetary aid when needed.
  • Expenditure : Rs. 12,500 for 25 kainkaryaparas.
  • You can receive the blessings of God's most beloved people by sponsoring the purchase of provisions, veshtis, medicines.
Veedhi Pradakshinam : Ambulating the Streets
  • Description : The students of SBK and SBG circumambulate the Temple of Srirangam every forthnight. They chant sacred verses from the Vedas, divya-prabandhams, shlokas and stotras. They invoke the grace of God to help the poor and grief stricken people of this world.
  • Expenditure : Milk for Thirsty Students after ambulating Streets.
  • You can encourage the little adiyars by joining in the Veedhi Pradhakshanam.
Nithya Thadeeyaradhanai : Everyday feast for the hungry devotees
  • Description : Food is all important for sustenance; especially when on a pilgrimage where our physical exertion is beyond description! Hence we came out with the idea of feeding the hungry devotees who throng Sriangam everyday. This service shall be extended to every divya-desams shortly. This kainkaryams is the foremost of all kainkaryams.
  • Expenditure : Rs. 1,500 only for Students and Rs. 3,000 for Students with devotees.
  • You can take up this noblest kainkaryam on your Birthday, Marriage Day, After Yatra, Acharyans Thirunakshtram by sponsoring a days meal or at least one time meal. We earnestly request you to take up this kainkaryam as it'll bring punyam to you and your family.
Spiritual Classes : In Tours and Camps
  • Description :
    1. No power can match spiritual power. When we place utmost reliance on the Supreme Being, every Herculean task would turn into a Childs play.
    2. We travel across the length and breath of our country to schools and inject knowledge on Puranas, Ithihasas, stories of great saints and Acharyas to children.
    3. Fantastic results are seen in the students spiritual, academic, behavioral and personality spheres.
    4. We also distribute prasadam and other eatables at the end of every class.
  • Expenditure : You can take classes to empower children by contacting us.
Informative Quizes
  • Description :
    1. The share of knowledge and time between small adiyars in a informattive and funnu way.
Sri Ramayana Competitions
  • Description :
    1. Seeding our epic in growing children.