About Us

Trust LogoSrimaan Trust is a charitable organization. It aims to aid the economically downtrodden people of our society. It aspires to see a ray of hope and confidence on the faces of people who think they have no future on this planet. Innovative and novel means are adopted to reach the poor and help them in times of need.

In today's fast moving world, everyone forced to act just like machine and living with so many tensions and worries.

To forget the above and look after how our ancestors live without any tension or worries, just spare your precious time to view the oncoming slides fully deviated from modern polluted world.

Surely you will get pleasure and inputs to live like our ancestor in our precious life. Your need is very essential for us.

FounderSrimaan Trust founded by the Acharya of Vedic lineage, Sri Parasara Badri Narayana Bhattar Swamy, is a mission established to promote the standard of living of the society.

With caste, creed, sex and age no bar it serves the needy especially the younger generation to live a peaceful content life by mutual understanding and helps.


Education to all
Food to all
Health to all

Our charitable activities include :

Ayur RakshaMedical aid
AnuyagamFood Provisions
Vasthra daanamClothes
Vidhya SahayamScholarship
Dharma UpanayanamSacred Thread ceremony
Acharya VandanamHonoring Acharyas
Vidwath VandanamHonoring Scholars
Sannidhi VandanamHomage to Sannidhi
Sannidhi CleaningCleaning sannidhis
Veedhi PradakshinamAmbulating the veedhis
Nithya ThadeeyaradhanaiEveryday feast for the devotees